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How to go through the rental without breaking your back?! And more tips for self-collection

So how do you go through the rental safely??

Renting equipment for an event can be very complex, if you don't contact the right person, let's start with the fact that if there is any doubt, you can always order delivery and save all the headache. If you still decided to go pick it up, you should know that there is a wide variety of inflatables of different weights, it is important to adjust the size of the inflatable according to the size of the vehicle. Inflatables of up to 3 meters by 3 meters enter private vehicles without a problem, provided the vehicle is empty and without unnecessary equipment. Larger inflatables require jeep or commercial vehicles in addition there are huge inflatables that require trailers and trucks to transport them home.

מתנפח PVC מקופל ומוכן להשכרה

If you have stayed within the limit of small inflatables, you will know that there is no fear as their weight is often low and their rental is easy, preferably if you have a light cargo cart. If you chose a larger inflatable, easy access to the place to open the inflatable is desirable, and in addition, a cargo cart is a must for accessibility and ease of moving the inflatable. When renting small inflatables, one person can manage by himself, compared to larger inflatables that require a minimum of two people or more.

מתנפח ומפוח אוויר על עגלת משא

It is important to look at the way the inflatable is folded when opening it for easy and quick folding at the end, take care to deflate the air an hour before folding the inflatable for maximum ease at the end of the activity. At the end of the folding, the inflatable must be tightly tied so that it does not open and let air in. The more air there is, the heavier the inflatable is and requires more effort from the operator. There are types of inflatable fabrics. Most of the quality fabric is PVC and not oxford which is easily destroyed and releases air during activity.

inflatable types

Inflatables are partly made of PVC tarpaulin sheets or oxford cloth sheets, there are renters who rent out oxford quality inflatables which are less recommended for most of the time. It is important to know that the rental company has safety certificates from the constructor and insurance in case the responsibility is not taken care of by the renter himself in the event of a disaster. Golan Event Productions has the necessary approvals and full insurance including third party.

מתנפחים איכותיים מבד PVC

The conclusion is that it is important to choose the most suitable inflatable for your event according to your abilities and according to the budget, but not to compromise on quality and service, therefore we recommend you the services of Golan Event Productions for peace of mind. And if you are afraid, it is better that you invite them to you. :)

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